cloudgateway-01Yesterday the ConfigMgr Product Group released ConfigMgr Current Branch 1610 to the fast channel. As part of this new version of ConfigMgr a new feature is released in preview.

This feature allows you to eliminate the fairly complex infrastructure that allows you to support the Internet based clients. This new feature is called the Cloud Management Gateway.

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capolaad00Due to an incident (IT85607) while moving the Conditional Access policies from “Preview phase” to “general availability” in Azure Active Directory, the Conditional Access policies in Microsoft Intune might be disabled.

Since the two are basically the same you need to check your Conditional Access policies are still configured correctly. Read more

mtp-blog-3-00The fourth blog about the integration of Microsoft Intune and Lookout MTP we will have a look at the administrative side of things. We will have a look at what we are able to configure in relation to threats, we will have a look the devices that can be managed both in Lookout and how we need to setup compliance within Microsoft Intune.

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In the next couple of days the Microsoft Intune service will be updated. During this update, new Conditional Access features (restrict access to Exchange Online to the Outlook app, Conditional Access for Windows PCs), Android for Work support and the Lookout integration for iOS will be released. Also via the new Azure Portal we are able to manage printing of corporate docs via MAM policies.

Stay tuned, the current version of Intune is: 5.0.7525.0

Source: Microsoft Intune October maintenance windows pre-release notification and

mtp-blog-3-00In the last two blogs we looked at the global overview and the architecture of the solution. In this blog I want to go a bit deeper and have a look how to integrate the two services with each other.

Like said, the Lookout service is currently hosted on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Intune is hosted on Microsoft Intune.

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Up next AZSMUG and IT/Dev Connections

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itdev-logoToday I will be flying to the US to speak at two great community driven events; The Arizona Systems Management User Group in Phoenix of Mike Terrill and IT/Dev Connections in Las Vegas. Like every year IT/Dev Connections is like coming home, a well-organized event driven by a superb community! It is the first time for me to speak at the AZSMUG, very excited!

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blog2My last blog I dedicated to the availability of the integration of the Microsoft Intune and Lookout Mobile Threat Protection cloud services.

So have this time have a look at the architecture of the integration, before writing about how to set everything up, the administrative and the end-user experience.

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In June Microsoft and Lookout announced their partnership and bath also announced the integration of Microsoft Intune and Lookout Mobile Threat Protection. In the last couple of months I was able to test and implement this first release of the integration between those two products at my customer in close corporation with the engineers of Lookout and Microsoft.


So in the next couple of blogs I will be describing what the current version of the integration is capable of, how we need to configure it, what the administrator experience is and what the user experience is. Looking at the current integration of both services is a nice addition to the complete Enterprise Mobility +Security proposition of Microsoft and allows you to secure your apps and data to the next level! But first look at why we actually want to integrate Microsoft Intune and Lookout Mobile Threat Protection.

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android7Bad news for the users that are using Android devices and sometimes forget their passcode. Google is removing the ability for administrators and users to remotely reset the passcode of devices that are based on Android 7.0.

When using earlier versions of Android users could reset their passcode via the Company Portal website and admins could reset the passcodes via the Intune admin console. Is there a workaround for your users besides writing the passcode on the back of the mobile phone?

I think so! 😉 Let’s see…


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1606installedToday Microsoft released the 1606 update for System Center Configuration Manager. If you have ConfigMgr 1511 or 1602 installed in your environment you should be able to see the 1606 update soon in the Updates and Servicing node of your ConfigMgr console.

After 1511 and 1602 Microsoft is again releasing a major update for ConfigMgr, very impressive and a real great accomplishment if you ask me! Already looking forward to the new major update 😉



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BriForumNext week I will be speaking for the third time at BriForum. This time the event will be held at the Seaport Hotel in Boston. At this three day event I will be speaking about how to secure your apps and data with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility +Security and during the second session we will be looking what management options for Windows 10 are the best for you. Really looking forward to be back at BriForum, unfortunately the last one. 🙁

The last one since co-founder Brian Madden announced that he is taking a break after BriForum and leaving the IT industry (for a while) and TechTarget. It’s a pity that I only was able to join BriForum three times, around this event is a real great and active community is in place. A community with not only a focus on Microsoft but also Citrix, VMware and other end user computing, desktop virtualization and enterprise mobility related products. Different views, different focuses but all great minds 🙂

Brian Madden kicks off during the speaker dinner

Brian Madden last year at the speaker dinner in Denver


So the 20th BriForum will be a memorable last edition.. Keep you posted next week, and if you are in Boston be sure to stop by and say hi!