Every quarter Microsoft awards community leaders around the world with the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award. Every first of April I am up for renewal, yesterday I received the (most wanted) email that I have received the Microsoft MVP Award for the fifth time in a row. So cool and honored that I have received this award again and that I am part of the Enterprise Mobility (Configuration Manager / Microsoft Intune / Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite) community! Thanks to all of you that visit my blog, attending my sessions around the world and providing me from feedback, without you this wasn’t even possible!


resetpasscode01Last night my Microsoft Intune tenants were upgraded to version Some nice new features came along with the upgrade / were announced.

Let’s see what new features are part of the update. While checking the tenants for the announced features not everything is switched on, yet.

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IntuneExciting times in the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite space! Microsoft switched the support for Conditional Access for Skype for Business on. Earlier this year the MAM enabled Skype for Business Apps were released so as from now we have a complete story around securing Skype for Business on mobile devices.

Conditional Access for Skype for Business is available for Intune standalone and Intune connected to Configuration Manager (hybrid).

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force-intune-mb01It took me a while to figure out the Web Clip/Aweb App story on Android devices, on iOS it is easy, you simple get a shortcut/icon pushed to the start screen of the device. For Android you need to add the Company Portal Widget to the start screen of an Android device.

Let’s see how to add the Company Portal Widget with the web clips and see how the web clip is enforced to be opened in the Intune Managed Browser.

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A big wish of a lot of customers came true after the update of Microsoft Intune earlier this week. As from now you are able to force Web Clips (URLS) to use the Intune Managed Browser on Android and iOS devices. So this way you are able to configure corporate websites to use the Managed Browser, which is a great addition to the Intune service if you ask me! :)


Require a managed browser to open this link

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expiring_certIf you have an iOS device and you are managed by Microsoft Intune (or Hybrid) you may see an expired certificate in your Management Profile on your device. When I saw this I contacted the Intune PG and they came back that there is nothing to worry about! This certificate is only needed to install the management profile on iOS devices during the enrollment process. After the enrollment is done, this certificate is not used anymore.

So what you will see is that devices that are already are enrolled will work as expected and newly enrolled devices will receive an iOSProfileSigning certificate with the new date.

Till later!

intuneEarlier this week Apple released iOS version 9.3, today Microsoft released a statement that Intune supports and is compatible with iOS 9.3. Where iOS version 9.2 broke MDM capabilities of most MDM vendors the available iOS policies are supported for and working on iOS 9.3, so we don’t have to wait for an iOS update to be managed again for weeks..

For the new educational options in iOS 9.3, Microsoft is collaborating with Apple to see where Intune is able to manage the new features. Feel free to provide feedback to the Intune Product Group about features that you like to be managed via Microsoft Intune via UserVoice. Read the complete announcement of Microsoft here.

cb-upgrade-01While writing my chapters for the new Mastering System Center Configuration Manager book for Sybex I always create a lab infrastructure with one Central Administration Site (CAS), two Primary Sites and one Secondary Site.

Always a nice environment to test different scenarios to write about. Let’s today have a look how upgrade to the newly released version of Configuration Manager 1602 works and see how freaking easy this is.


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Today Parallels released a brand new version of the Parallels Mac Management plug-in for Configuration Manager, version 4.5. Parallels added lots of new features that will allow you to manage the Mac OS X devices even better with Configuration Manager. Several really cool new features were added!

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msemsThe mobility space is an area that is moving fast, almost every day new products, new features or complete new versions of Operating Systems are released. As a mobile device Administrator it is your job to secure the mobile devices and the corporate data on it, but also when you are like me being part of a project implementing Microsoft Intune as the MDM solution in an environment where data leakage prevention is very important. We need to set the baseline and be aware of the changing variables.

It is easy when you only allow corporate owned devices to be able to connect to your environment, it becomes challenging when allowing Bring Your Own Devices. The market is huge and the diversity of operating systems and devices is enormous!

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companyportalTroubleshooting of MDM and the managed apps on all the different devices is always a bit hard.

Since a while Microsoft is making this a bit easier by including the logs of the managed apps via the Company Portal in Android, a quick troubleshooting tip.

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