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Last couple of weeks and today I tried to build and capture a Windows 8 Developer Edition and Windows 8 Consumer Preview with Configuration Manager 2012. But unfortunately the Sysprep phase will always fail with an error 4 (The System cannot open the file) and 0x80004004. I also got the same error when using the Capture Task Sequence Media. 

But since I still would like to deploy and manage a custom Windows 8 image with Configuration Manager 2012, I tried it the old fashion way. Manually Sysprep the machine and create a custom WIM image from WinPE with imagex. Let’s see how it goes;

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Finally the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2012 beta1 supporting Configuration Manager 2012 is there! Something I have been waiting serveral months for. 😉 The free Microsoft Deployment Toolkit brings more deployment intelligence to System Center Configuration Manager 2012 to fully support Zero Touch OS Deployment, but of course it can also be used stand alone for Lite touch deployments. Read more