In Exchange Server 2003 it was easy to create addresslists based on AD groupmemberships. In Exchange Server 2007 and Exchange Server 2010 it’s more complicated to use this “feature”.

In the Exchange Management Console of Exchange Server 2007 / 2010 creating a addresslist is very basic, you can choose a basic set of parameters.

  1. Create a Addresslist in the Exchange Management Console named ICT Members
  2. Go to the Exchange Management Shell and execute the following commmandline;

Set-AddressList “ICT Members” -RecipientFilter “MemberOfGroup -eq ‘CN=ICTMembers,OU=Distributiongroups,DC=msexchangeblog,DC=local’

The address list is now based on a Active Directory Group “ICTMembers”, located in the OU Distributiongroups in the msexchangeblog.local domain.