The way of deploying applications with System Center Configuration Manager 2012 is different than all earlier versions of SCCM or SMS. In SMS or SCCM you could deploy packages which were scripts, MSI’s or App-v applications. The package included normally one deployment type per application. In the twenty twelve version of SCCM a single application can include multiple deployment types that represent a deployment for a different platform.

In beta1 of SCCM 2012 the following deployment types are supported;

  • Windows Installer (native MSI )
  • Script Installer
  • Microsoft Application Virtualization
  • Windows Mobile Cabinet
  • Nokia SIS/JAR

In Beta2 of Microsoft will add the support of the following deployment types:

  • RDP
  • Terminal Services
  • Citrix

When creating an application with more deployment types, you are able to see all the deployment types, dependencies and requirements inĀ one nice flowchart. Can’t wait to go and work with the next release of SCCM!