In an earlier blog I wrote already about how to delete applications from Configuration Manager 2012. Since it was written while beta 2 was just released, it is maybe time to see if deleting applications in Configuration Manager 2012 is still the same or that is changed for the best 😉 If I am allowed to guess, I think it is changed for the best 🙂

When selecting an application, you will notice the delete option that has been added when you right click the application object.

Delete option is there

When selecting delete, Configuration Manager will check if there are dependent applications, active deployments and dependent task sequences like shown below. Deleting an application is not dependent of any revisions anymore. You can delete an application after fixing the dependencies with all the revisions in one time.

Unable to delete the application because of dependencies

In this example we need to get the properties of the Application and browse to the References tab to see the dependent applications.

Look for the dependent application

Browse to that application and delete the dependency in one of the deployment types. Be sure to also delete revision of the dependent application, because otherwise the dependency will be brought up as shown second figure of this blog. After deleting all revisions with the dependency, the Number of dependent applications will show 0. It sounds logical to delete all revisions with a dependency first because otherwise you could run into trouble when restoring a revision.

Delete the dependency

Next you need to delete the deployment that is associated with the application. After deleting the deployment you will need to find the task sequence which is installing the application as a task. Do Go to the task sequences and look at the reference tab of each task sequence to see if the application is in the reference list.

Look for the reference

After locating and deleting the task you are able to delete the application from Configuration Manager 2012.

Delete the application!

For this example I used an application with dependencies, but when you install an application without any dependencies you only need to delete the deployment or the reference in the task sequence (the task with the application) before you are able to delete the application. It will help you to maintain a clean Configuration Manager environment.